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Imagen de Royal Sudoku
Approval level: 80%
Insertion Date: 2007-09-10
Downloads this week: 626
Times recommended: 0
Category: Games
SubCategory: Pastimes
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.751kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Collection of sudokus with a fairly difficult level, only recommended for experts."

There was a time when a simple pen and paper was enough to play this simple Japanese pastime. But it was only going to be a matter of time before a digital version appeared. And so it was, but things didn't stop there. As with all popular classic games, there are endless versions of sudoku available now on the Internet. And to prove a point here is this Royal Sudoku 1.0. As you can clearly gather from its name, Royal Sudoku 1.0 is a collection of sudokus that are very difficult to solve, making them only suitable for those whose level at this game is very high

In Royal Sudoku 1.0 the objective is compare the numbers in the game according to the rules of sudoku, and you need to apply a lot of rational thinking. It is a simple game to learn, but not necessarily to master. You don't need any kind of calculations. All you are faced with is a wide variety of logic situations.

Royal Sudoku 1.0 sticks to the same classic rules: Each row, column and subgrid in-box comprises the numbers 1 through 16 or letters A through P and nothing else. It can offer you the solution if you wish. It can also be used as a sudoku solver to find the solution to other udokus not created with this program.



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